category: photo stories

Australian biocrusts

We drove two days from Brisbane to reach the field site in Diamantina National Park. We didn’t quite make it before sunset, which we stopped to observe in the flat expanse of an area which Grant called “Big Sky Country”. The next day we went out to survey the area, with …

Lavender bush

I found these things in a lavender bush whilst on holiday in Cornwall. The hummingbird-hawk-moth was very shy and interestingly I think only one individual was visiting the bush over a week or so whilst I was watching it. I also recorded ambient sounds from the middle of the garden …

Creatures on hop

Three years ago I planted a hop from seed mainly in the hope of attracting more wildlife to the garden. It seems to have worked as I have certainly never seen this caterpillar before. It’s the larva of the Comma butterfly, confirmed by the internet and my guide book as commonly …

Bark galleries

These patterns were found under the bark of a load of firewood I had delivered. They were obviously made by wood boring insects, and their holes in the bark can also be clearly seen in one of the pictures.

Paper wasp

I noticed this wasp building a nest in my shed. It was dark in the shed so the shots were illuminated using daylight with a mirror.